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Feed Stats Service Upgraded!

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

In our humble bid to keep most of our services free, there comes a lot many challenges our way – while the rapidly multiplying traffic and the increasing adoption of our services by publishers across the globe shows the fruit our efforts bear, there comes with it the heavy costs of bandwidth and costs to upgrade the hardware and the software from time to time to keep with the pace.  Nevertheless, our commitment to serve the users using our free services is always been appreciated by them – and we thank each of you for your support all the way long.
A few of you have experienced some problems with your feed stats in the last couple of weeks which was mainly due to the heavily increased traffic we are experiencing and we apologize for the same.  But the good news is that, we have upgraded this service to handle the traffic of this next level of our journey and you should see this problem no more!
Happy Tracking!