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Thanks to all the donors

Monday, December 17th, 2007

We are very glad with the successful launch of MySite Pro and its great response!  We don’t have enough words to express our thankfulness to all those who have supported RapidFeeds with their donations, small and large.  Today, as promised earlier, we are closing down the donations.  Also, we would like to give all the donors a small token of thanks by offering them a free subscription of the MySite Pro service!

It is going to work this way:

Every donor will get a free MySite Pro account for a period equivalent to the amount he has donated, plus a two months bonus subscription!  For example: If you have donated a total of say about $100, you are entitled for a 22 month ($100 donated / $4.49 subscription fee) + 2 months bonus subscription which comes to a total of 24 months!

So all the RapidFeeds supporters out there, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and send us an email at if you would like to take this offer and give us the opportunity to show our gratitude!

Once again, thanks for your support!

Now fully own your MySite widget – Go MySite Pro!

Friday, December 7th, 2007

There have been so many requests from our users, since the launch of MySite, for an option to remove the Credit Note (Powered by RapidFeeds) Link from the MySite widgets on a chargeable basis and a few other features; but we had some goals to attain before we could do this.  Today, we are glad to let you all know that we are now able to make it available to you!  We are today rolling out the Pro version of MySite!

Our services till now have been very successful and we thank all our users to bring them to this level.  RapidFeeds is really evolving and this was not possible without the faith our users have shown in our services all along the way and chosen us as their trusted partner for their RSS requirements.  And now, we are on the edge of rolling out our premium features and take RapidFeeds to the next level.

So what is MySite Pro?

MySite Pro is the premium version of MySite which is a powerful yet very easy to use syndication tool to display any RSS or Atom feed on your web pages and/or virally spread your content to bring back huge traffic to your website by allowing others to display your feeds on their websites with a link back to yours – all with a few clicks!

The Pro version is made available for those users who want an Ads Free and Fully Customizable– in short “fully owned” MySite Widgets, for a small fee.  With MySite Pro you get an Ads Free, Fully Customizable and Credit Note Free re-syndication service.   For more details please visit the details page here.

So, if you want that full control over the MySite Widgets you create, then go ahead and sign up for the Pro version today.  But if you are happy with the free version, you may please continue to use it as it remains free all the time.

We hope this release will make many of our users delighted and strengthen our relations further.

Enjoy the Pro!