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Now track in-depth feed usage with Advanced Feed Statistics

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

Here comes one of the major and interesting new features your way!  We are very glad to announce the Beta release of Advanced Statistics for your feeds.  This much-awaited feature has a lot to offer in respect of feed metrics.  Now every trail of your feeds is being recorded for you to see where your feed subscribers come from, what Aggregators / User Agents they use, number of hits the feed receives, average subscribers for a given month or subscribers on a given date and item level referrers!  And… this is just the beginning! 

Yes, there’s a lot more to come in terms of enhancements and usability of your feed statistics plus a few more insights into your feed usage very soon.  But until then, for a quick overview of the features in this release see the breakdown below.

We have been testing this feature online for about two months and have collected your feed metrics for the same period.  The old metrics system has been replaced by the new one and is accessible thru the same ‘Track’ button in your FeedManager Home.  Once you click on the Track button against a particular feed, you’ll reach the Advanced Feed Statistics page of that feed where you’ll find the following tabs.

Daily Stats:  Here you’ll find day-wise feed metrics like number of Subscribers, Click Thrus and Hits your feed received on a particular day.  We have put up a simple and neat Bar Chart to represent the Day-Wise Subscriber Trend and a Table for all the details.

Monthly Stats:  This gives you the number of Average Monthly Subscribers for your feed, total number of Click Thrus and Hits on a month on month basis again represented with an easy to understand Bar Chart for Subscriber Trend and Table for details.
Geo Stats:  This interesting part of the Advanced Stats shows which part of the world your feed subscribers come from, represented in a simple table, which lists country names, their respective flags and number of subscribers from each country.

User Agent Stats:  If you are interested in knowing what Feed Readers / Aggregators your subscribers are using to read your feed, or, to know what other user agents are being used to access your feed then this is the place where you can find this information.  It’ll give you the details like number of subscribers (if applicable) and hits your feed received from each of the User agents, represented in a simple expandable / collapsible Table.

Item Stats:  Finally, Item Stats gives you the details like number of Click Thrus for each item, Referrer Details and number of Hits from each of the referrers for a given period of time.

A lot of effort has been put in and quite an amount of time invested for the accuracy of stats and to make its presentation as user-friendly as possible.  All this towards providing our users the most reliable feed metrics system and best experience using our services.  And of course, this was not possible without the continued feedback and suggestions we receive from our users.  We really appreciate all your input and would like to heartily thank all our users for using our services and for helping us achieve new milestones.  We hope you’ll find this new feature useful and let us know how we can further improve it.

Happy Tracking!