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Enable or Disable Auto Tweet

Once enabled, Auto Tweet will automate for you the process of posting on Twitter about the new items and podcasts that you add to your RSS feeds from time to time. This not only will save you all the time and energy you would spend doing this manually but will also help spread your feed updates virally, and the very instant you publish them!

To enable this feature, follow the simple instructions below:

  • From within your FeedManager account, click on the "Configure" button against the desired feed to go to the "Feed Configuration" page.
  • Click on "Auto Tweet" from the navigation menu on your left
  • Click on "Enable" to activate the "Link Your Twitter Account" link
  • Click on "Link Your Twitter Account" once it turns green and you should see a pop up box open with tiwtter.com page.
  • Type in your twitter credentials to login (if it asks you to) and click on "Allow". This will make the Twitter pop up box disappear and you should see "Setting saved successfully!" on your "Feed Configuration" page.
  • And you are done!


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