If you are a publisher and use RSS or Atom feeds to syndicate and distribute your content, then RapidFeeds MySite is for you. RapidFeeds MySite appropriately gives your content and publication the highest degree of exposure it needs. You can literally have your feeds re-syndicated and displayed on hundreds of websites in the shortest amount of time.

Introducing the "Add to MySite" Button

To start distributing your content using MySite, all you need to do is place an "Add to MySite" button, similar to "Add to My Yahoo!" and "Add to My MSN" on your website. Anyone interested in re-syndicating your feeds can instantly do so by clicking on your "Add to MySite" button. RapidFeeds MySite then automatically generates the code for the content in the preferred programming language.

Make Your Content Spread on Its Own

When you begin using MySite, as a publisher you don't have to depend just on your own traffic to spread your content because your "Add to MySite" button also gets displayed along with your re-syndicated content. Everyone viewing your content, even from a third party website, can add it to their own site! Even better, an RSS subscription button is also displayed along with the "Add to MySite" button, allowing people to directly subscribe to your RSS feed from different websites and blogs displaying your content. So, the higher number of websites displaying your content, the higher possibility it has to spread across the web.

That's all it takes to get other webmasters to display your content and drive more unique visitors back to your site.

Track Your Progress

MySite currently does not provide any interface where you can view your circulation statistics. However, we leave the following information in your logs:

Here is an example of access log information:
User-Agent: RapidFeeds MySite: 27 Users(s) ( )