Now own your Feed completely with the Branded Feed URLs

We are glad to announce that we are rolling out the “Branded Feed URLs” feature today. This is one of the features from our long list of features we have set our focus on developing in the coming months.

With Branded Feed URLs you can now use your own domain name to distribute your feeds instead of the regular{YourFeedId}/ URLs. Although, your feeds will still be hosted with us and nothing changes in the background or the way your RapidFeeds account works, using Branded Feed URLs all your feeds can be made accessible through URLs like{YourFeedId}/.

How is it useful?

Branding your feeds and serving them from your own domain name is crucial if you want to retain your feed’s identity, give your feed subscribers a more seamless experience, enhance customer recognition of you brand and cultivate brand loyalty among your customers. This is now possible using the Branded Feed URL feature which gives you greater control over how your subscribers access your feed.

Sounds Interesting!  How can I set up Branded URL for my feed?

Login to your FeedManager account, go to the “Feed Configuration” page for the desired feed, click on the “Branded Feed URL” tab and follow the instructions.

Please note: This feature will be available in all the  Pro and Enterprise accounts only

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please write to us at

Happy Branding!

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