OPML for your Feeds!

Here we are, back again with another little update for you – The OPML Feeds!

OPML is a way to distribute hierarchical list of information, often used to list multiple RSS feeds in a single feed so that the users can simply add this one parent feed to subscribe to all the feeds listed in it in one go.   It is useful if you want your users to be able to subscribe to a bunch of feeds (say under one category) at a time rather adding all of them individually to their readers.  The OPML format is supported by almost all the feed aggregators.

So now, if you wish to give your users a single OPML feed to allow them to subscribe to all of your feeds in your RapidFeeds account at once, simply click on the OPML hyperlink on the top right hand corner of your FeedManager Home, select the Chicklet you like and copy paste the code on the desired web page!  Your users will then be able to add all your feeds to their aggregators at once by simply adding this one OPML feed.

More updates coming soon…

Happy syndication!

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