The Breakdown

We don’t know how to put this forward and extend our profound apology to the entire RSS community. As you all know RapidFeeds has had a great fall a few days ago. This is a very unfortunate situation for Rapidfeeds and its users. On July 28, RapidFeeds abruptly crashed and knocked us for six. It has left us perplexed and deeply moved, and we know it has been the same with our over 10,700 members.

The fate had its beginning on July 20 when we started receiving emails from our subscribers notifying us of some connection errors. This was due to increasing traffic and so we decided to upgrade our servers as to be able to handle heavier traffic. We never knew we would lose everything in the process. Our hosting company came back saying that the entire website got deleted; even the backups.

This came to us as a shock of our lives. We were literally traumatized. We have devoted one and a half years to RapidFeeds; never saw it as a profit-making machine; have run it as a free service but never treated as one; and have always been prompt in customer support and served them with full dedication. This was the first and the most important project of our lives. And we are just not able to stand the shock.

It is with a heavy heart we say to our users that we have lost the entire database and all the feeds. We know that this is a big loss to you, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it now. We employed all our resources and tried our best to retrieve everything but could only get our hands on the code — thanks to the regular back-ups of the code we used to maintain on our personal computers. However, we relied on the servers for the database back-ups for its increasing size; and this is the biggest mistake we made.

What’s next?

We’ve decided to put the website back afresh in a few days. But this time, on much reliable and powerful servers. The jolt has taught us a great deal about the trade and you can take our words for it that we’ll now be more reliable and dependable than ever before. We are dedicating a team to manage such risks in future and will have contingency plans in place.

We wish a wholehearted thanks to all the users for your support and patience. There is nothing in words for us to express our regret to you, but we promise not to give you a second chance to complain. We truly value your relationship with us and hope to see you back online.

If you have anything to say, or wish to contact us for any reason, please feel free to email us at Looking forward to your emails!

Malik Mairaj
Akram Quraishi
Co-founders –

P.S.: We haven’t received, in the last few days, any of the emails sent to us on our email addresses as the website was completely down. This is the reason your emails might have bounced back or you haven’t heard from us in replies. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. You can now send us emails on the address mentioned above.

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